Cloud solutions have been around for a while but have been more widely known as ‘Hosted Solutions’. We can provide the Cloud solutions you need to ensure your business is operational from all locations around the world. We can even build your network to operate as a Cloud, allowing your staff full time access to your data. For those road warriors you have out and about, we can tailor a streamlined, seamless system allowing them to get up to date information from your network quickly.
We can also provide solutions to ensure your data is always backed up to a remote location in
case of catastrophic circumstances that could occur.

Cloud solutions we provide

Hosted Email servers including exchange
Mail archiving so you can keep a permanent copy of all emails
Cloud backup (hybrid or full)
Cloud mail checking
Enterprise console for antivirus (eliminates extra server requirements)
And more…


25gb Email Storage
POP / IMAP support
Outlook Web Access
Sync Emails, Calendars & Contacts
Spam & anti-virus protection

Desktop, Mobile and Web

Hosted Exchange allows you to not just view emails on your outlook but through your mobile devices as well, Keeping devices in sync allows you to always have your Emails, Constacts & Calendars no matter what device you have next to you.

Spam & Anti-virus

All Mailboxes and new emails are scanned for potential viruses and spam to help keep your peace of mind. We want to protect you and your devices from the possibility of attack.

How our emails are different

All ONES4TECh emails are hosted locally in Perth with redundant Servers, Switches, Routers, Internet connection and Multiple redundancies with power including two power grids and backup diesel generator.