HOSTED PBX Focuses on function and usability, the power is in your hands

The ONES4TECH Hosted PBX is the business phone system for every office. The portal gives you access to control every aspect of your phone system. Create users, provision phones and modify call flows on the fly from anywhere. The portal can even be accessed from your mobile device so you are always in control.

Create users, and update individual extension settings.
Modify call flows to change the way incoming calls are handled
Add announcements and divert your calls
Monitor system usage and live activity
Manage and listen to call recordings

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hosted pbx dashboard

Work Anywhere: Never be offline

ONES4TECH’s Hosted PBX is compatible with a wide range of soft clients so your desk phone can now be on your laptop or smart phone. Your office just got a lot bigger!

Amazing Tools To Track Your Usage

call counters per user and per office
Average call time and biggest talker reports
Check your performance with average ring time reports
Detailed call records show the ring time, length and extensions on a call by call basis Live call queue depth monitor
Check you concurrent calls day by day, don’t pay for more lines than you need.

This amazing product can save you time and money! See Details Below!

ONES4TECH worked with businesses to develop a product that made their systems and processes more efficient. Then we structured the pricing to help businesses scale the product to fit their requirements.

Flexible to Business Needs

Add and remove users via the portal
Support for mobile and home offices
Connect all your sites into one system
Take your phone overseas
Increase or decrease the number of lines as your business requirements change with no contract

Reduced Operating Costs

Competitive call rates mean you save money every time you pick up the phone
No hidden charge for add-on features, everything is included
No cost for adding users
Centralised management reduces the IT management overhead
Efficiency gains can reduce the need to have extra staff onsite

Improved Business Process

Flexible call flows allow you to route calls anywhere in Australia. You only need one reception.
Tag inbound calls with a custom ID so you can handle each call appropriately
Include you 1300 and 1800 numbers
Pre-program your holidays and office hours so your phone system is ready for you when you arrive and packs up for you when you leave.

The ONES4TECH Hosted PBX solution

$30.00 per line inc GST per month.
No charge per extension
Fixed $0.10 inc GST Local and National Calls
Mobile calls $0.19 inc GST per minute
Competitive International Rates

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