Total network peace of mind.

The volume of spam being sent today is astounding. In the tens of trillions of emails per year. Junk filters do a good job, but by then it could already be too late. ONES4TECH believes it’s better to stop that email from ever reaching your network, because the best way to fix a problem is to stop the problem from ever happening. Once the unwanted email gets to your network, all it takes is one careless click and your business could be compromised.

For less than a cup of coffee, ONES4TECH Managed Spam filtering service prevents all unwanted email, spam and viruses from ever reaching your network. Giving your business the continual protection needed to stay on top of this ever present and evolving threat.

  • Increase Productivity and Reduce Operating Costs at the Same Time!

    If every employee used only 5 minutes a day deleting unwanted e-mails, how much time would your organization waste in a month? Think about the total cost associated to that wasted time. Take your time back and save your company money!

  • Fully Managed Solution for Less Than Any Competitive Offering

    We understand the overhead and threat spam creates for your business and users. Let someone who knows what they are doing setup and manage your email perimeter for you. You will not find a more cost effective per mailbox solution.

  • Protect Your Company’s Critical Assets and Information

    Stop email threats before they ever get to your network.

  • A Flexible Solution

    We can set up your various email filters, or if you prefer, you can have control over what gets through and what is spam. We offer the appropriate security for any size of company and network. And setting it up takes minutes.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Regular reports identify the volume and types of email being filtered, giving you the benefit of seeing where email is coming from and how many threats you have avoided. It is satisfying to know that you are safe!


Other Anti-spam Software
  • Store and forward introduces delays in delivery of emails.
  • Only filters inbound emails not outbound which could cause your company to be blacklisted.
  • Only quarantines email on a group basis not on an individual employee basis.
  • Complex and expensive licensing models.
Managed Anti-spam
  • No delay in email delivery, scans in real-time.
  • Stores received email should your email server go offline.
  • Applies filters to all outbound email to prevent your users from sending on malicious email.
  • Priced per mailbox.
  • Managed by experts.

ONES4TECH Managed Anti-spam service protects your business and employees with round the clock detection and defence against targeted attacks. Can you afford not to?