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RSS Latest vulnerabilities

  • Chrome 70 Lets you Control Automatic Login and Deletes Google Cookies September 26, 2018
    In a blog entry posted today, Chrome product manager Zake Koch explains that even though they introduced unwanted changes with good intentions, based on user feedback they have decided to roll them back and give users more control over how their browser behaves.  […]
  • Magecart Attacks Grow Rampant in September September 26, 2018
    Attacks that compromise websites with scripts that steal payment card data from checkout pages have increased to hundreds of thousands of attempts in little over a month. […]
  • Mozilla Launches Firefox Monitor Data Breach Notification Service September 25, 2018
    Mozilla has announced today the release of Firefox Monitor, a free service to help users find out whether or not their accounts have been part of a breach. This new service was created in partnership with Troy Hunt's Have I been Pwned, whose data is being supplied to Mozilla to power the Firefox Monitor service.  […]
  • Over 80 Cisco Products Affected by FragmentSmack DoS Bug September 25, 2018
    Cisco is currently looking into its product line to determine the ones using Linux kernel 3.9 or above, which is vulnerable to the FragmentSmack denial-of-service (DoS) bug. […]
  • Night Eye Extension Adds a Dark Mode to Websites September 25, 2018
    There's a new extension in the marketplace that brings dark mode to websites like BleepingComputer, Facebook, Google, Quora and others. Called Night Eye, the extension basically tweaks the contrast within the websites to dark grey. […]
  • Security Engineer Hacks Hotel WiFi, Fined for Exposing Admin Password September 25, 2018
    A security engineer from Chinese multinational company Tencent hacked into the WiFi system of a hotel in Singapore and received a fine for publicly disclosing administrator login passwords. […]
  • Chrome 69 Keeps Google's Cookies After You Clear Browser Data September 25, 2018
    It has been discovered that when you try to clear all cookies in the Chrome browser, every cookie will be deleted except for authentication cookies created by Google. This means that after clearing cookies, you will be logged out of every site that you are currently logged into, except for Google. […]
  • United Nations WordPress Site Exposes Thousands of Resumes September 25, 2018
    Disclosure vulnerabilities in a web app from the United Nations leave open to public access CVs from job applicants and the organization failed to plug the leak despite receiving a private report on the issues. […]
  • GPG Mail Update Surprises Mac Users with Paid Plan September 25, 2018
    Mac users with GPG Mail installed on their systems woke up to a rude surprise when they updated the application last Friday and noticed that it had switched to a paid plan. […]
  • GandCrab V5 Released With Random Extensions and New HTML Ransom Note September 25, 2018
    GandCrab v5 has been released with a few noticeable changes. The first change is that the ransomware now uses a random 5 character extension for encrypted files and a new HTML ransom note. […]