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Do you need a redesign, new website or update?

ONES4TECH prefers to provide a new design or redesign with your current content. This gives both you
and your client a better experience with your site and allows new design best practices to be utilised
and will give you better SEO.

Describe your business?

Provide products and service you currently offer and what you would like to offer in the future. The
more information provided will help us design important design aspects like menu structure. What
keywords best describe your service or product delivery.

Who are your Competitors? (Please provide web links if known)

What is the main purpose of your site?

Do you have special features in mind?

What is your preferred method of communication on your site?

What is your budget?

Would you look after updating content or would you like ONES4TECH to update content?

What is your deadline for the project?

Please keep in mind website design can take 6 – 8 weeks and go past this time if changes keep getting made to the site layout or design.

How are you going to be promoting or driving customers to your website?

Is there any website or features from websites you use that you would like incorporated into your design?

What story or information can you use to better inform the client for their purchase decision?

It’s important to tell successful stories for your product to empower the purchase decision, sometimes what the product is used for or what it can facilitate (e.g. outcome) is a more power tool that simply just the product information.

What is a driving reason for someone using your service or product? e.g emotional response, necessity, reactive, specific date or seasonal and how would you like your site to drive the outcome from your client?

Anything else you feel is important for us to know prior to commencement of design or quotation process